Our Weekend #1

We were extra happy to see Friday this weekend. It was the beginning of the Easter holidays and we were really looking forward to enjoying two weeks of slow mornings and not having to rush around. Charlie came out of school with a huge grin on her face because she’d been presented with a ‘Spelling Star’  certificate for getting 10/10 on each of her spelling lessons for the term.

She’s a bright spark.

Charlie and Noah love Fridays because we do this thing we call Sweetie Friday. Basically, they get sweets every Friday after school. It’s a nifty way  of dodging the ‘can we have some sweets?’ question for the rest of the week, without feeling like a meanie.

I got a tad over-excited about it this weekend and put their sweets in recycled jars with string tied around the top.

Sad I know and I’m not sure they appreciated the effort.

Chris took Charlie and Noah to Charlie’s ballet class on Saturday morning. They usually stay on a bit longer at the leisure centre so Charlie can go to her swimming lesson, but she split her chin open on Thursday and had to have it stuck back together with glue and butterfly stitches. She’s not allowed to get it wet again until Tuesday.

Here’s the poorly patient.

Chris and the kids went off to our friend’s house in the afternoon.

Elodie wore apples and spikes.

I cooked Gammon and these Crème Egg Brownies.

He helped himself when I wasn’t looking.

On Saturday night Chris and I watched TV and drank red wine. I like evenings like these.

It poured down with rain all day Sunday and was pretty grey and dismal outside. We spent the day pottering around the house. Chris did some DIY in our soon (hopefully!) to be bedroom. It’s becoming a bit of a never ending story. It was meant to be ready before Elodie arrived. She’s now over 6 months old. The renovations to our home are making slow progress.

The kids made a mess with craft. 

Then Charlie tried to start a new enterprise. She Voluntarily started the washing up and suggested I pay her a pound every time she helps me out. Negotiations are on going. 

We ate yet more food…

And my Dad sent us photographs of when he was young. We had to guess which one was him. Of course, I got it right. If you’re interested, he’s bottom right.

On Sunday night Chris and I drank Ginger & Lemon tea (I have an addiction to Lidl’s version) and caught up on The Following. If you haven’t watched it, it’s a pretty grousome thriller. I’m not usually into blood & guts, or Kevin Bacon for that matter, but I’ve been enjoying this.

Before bed we were joined by this teething tinker. Thankfully she slept through after this. Whoopee!

So that was our weekend. Seriously looking forward to the next one. It’s a four day-er (just sayin’)



  1. March 30, 2015 / 8:33 pm

    Looks like a GREAT weekend! Poor chin though. I hope it heals soon. Those brownies look amazing 🙂 Yummy! Have a fab Easter weekend too xx

    • March 30, 2015 / 8:37 pm

      She’s on the mend, but enjoying the attention! We ate A LOT this weekend. I think I’ve set an unsustainable standard though; the kids turned their noses up at yoghurt this evening. Have a lovely Easter too! 🙂 Xxx

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