Our Weekend #2

This weekend was a good one!

Ten years ago last Thursday, just days before his 25th Birthday, Chris and I met in a taxi. And in the spirit of celebration, Chris and I took a road trip (sans children) to Cambridge.

On Friday morning, we packed the car up (sounds easier than it is) and dropped Scruffy and the kids at Chris’ parents, a standard 1.5 hours late. There are some things that even ten years passing will never change. Having temporarily relieved ourselves of the kids we set off for Cambridge. 

I thought our song choice was quite apt.

Our original plan was to spend the day exploring Cambridge, taking in the architecture etc. and having a posh lunch. However, our usual lateness and general gravitation towards the pub meant we opted for a less romantic lunch en route, followed by a short wonder round Cambridge and a few drinks. It’s is really a very pretty place and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to spend a weekend away. 

Here’s proof we took in at least some of the sights.

After arriving at our hotel, we took a short walk through town to the river. The sun was shining, people were sat along the river bank drinking pints, having picnics, playing with their children and generally having a lovely time. We saw a bride and groom having wedding photos taken and watched people take punts (long narrow boats) out on the river.

A little way a long the river we spotted a pub situated right on the rivers edge and we stopped to have a drink and sat outside, watching ducks and boats float past. It was bloody lovely.

In the evening, we walked up to the Junction, which is a music venue about 15-20 minutes walk from the centre. We had to stop a couple of people to ask for directions along the way, but I was pretty impressed we managed to navigate our way on foot. I have a terrible sense of direction.

We had tickets to see a band we like called Wolf Alice. We’d never seen them live before, but we weren’t disappointed. They were really good. We did feel a bit old in the midst of grungy Doc Martin and backpack wearing, dungaree clad teenagers. But then again, who cares. You’re only as old as you feel and all that.

We woke up slowly on Saturday morning and walked into town to have breakfast. I felt a little delicate. I can’t say I ate much.

We arrived back at Chris’ parents late in the afternoon and Chris opened some Birthday presents before we headed out for dinner. It was Chris’ Mum’s Birthday on Sunday, so it was a combined celebratory dinner. We had a lovely curry. Having fully recovered from my sore head, I ate far too much.

On Sunday we couldn’t decide what to do. We had thought about spending the day working on the garden, but it was a little windy. And after a weekend spent out and about, we felt like continuing the theme.

We decided to drive out to a little Cotswold village called Lower Slaughter.

We are really lucky living in Evesham, in that there are so many really beautiful places on our doorstep. We don’t take advantage of this nearly enough.

We took a walk up to the historic mill where Charlie and Noah ate the yummiest ice creams. Chris and I had to forgo this pleasure because we never carry much cash. I was quite jealous. 


After ice creams we walked along a little river and across fields.

Charlie and Noah joined a little girl, paddling through the water in their wellies. I think they would have stayed here all afternoon if they could.

We passed some really quite stunning houses and the countryside surrounding them looked unspoiled and peaceful.

The whole way, we talked about how we’d love to live here one day. If you’re familiar with the area, or google the houses for sale here, you’ll understand how very unlikely it is, that this will ever happen.

You can but dream.   

Before heading home, we stopped at a local pub to feed Elodie. This meant the Charlie & Noah had to drink lemonade and Chris and I had to have a quick pint. This worked out very well for all involved!


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