How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy


After spending the last few weeks feeling a little down in the dumps, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to be happy. And I don’t mean delirious bouncing off the walls happy, I mean content, at peace, achieving a sense of balance. Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget how to take care our mental health and once you’ve let it deteriorate so far, its hard to bring it back.

I think there are some people who have a naturally happy disposition, Elodie is definitely one of these people. Always happy, always singing, even as I type this she’s spinning round in a circle clapping and giggling. Noah, as wonderful as he is, can be more of a glass half full kind of guy and I think perhaps I can be too. So how do perennially happy people do it? Is there a magic formula to feeling happy all the time?

In the pursuit of happiness or at least a sense of balance (let’s not be too optimistic…), I thought I would try out a few things to help me to turn that frown upside down. Though I’m pretty sure that phrase wont help me out much, it’s probably as annoying as being told to “smile, it might never happen”, something I happen to have heard from strangers on more than one occasion. Perhaps it’s just my resting miserable old goat face.

So here are a few things I will be trying out over the next few weeks. I will report back and let you know how I get on, at which point, I expect to be a bright beaming ray of sunshine, exuding joy from every pore. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that statement is meant to read as sarcasm or optimism…

Manage Stress Levels

There are quite a few things I can’t say no to and running away from my responsibilities is not going to help me feel any happier. What I can do however, is limit the things that I DO NOT HAVE to do.

So this might mean I skip a few nights out, though they’re fun, the hangover and preceding late night do nothing for my happiness in the long term. I’d rather be a bit boring in the short-term in return and not feel ill into the following week. God, that makes me sound so old.

Tell That Negative Voice to Do One

The thing about getting stressed out is that it becomes a bit of a perpetual circle where you chide yourself for letting things get on top of you, thus making yourself feel worse, and around the merry-go-round of joy we go.

Instead, I am going to tell that sour lemon to shut up. You hear that? Shut up.

Look For the Positives

This is the thing that should be so simple and yet can seem so hard. So in putting this into practice, I will not let the downpour I was caught in on the way to school this morning drag me down. Instead, I will think about how that lovely torrential rain will help our scorched grass turn green again. See, I feel much better about it all already….

Eat Well

I’m all over this like a rash. I started meal planning last week and aside from a little deviation on Saturday, it’s been going really well. I know from past experience that this make a huge difference, so I’m going to keep it up.

I’m starting an online lifestyle transformation program next week, I don’t know whether to feel excited or a little apprehensive. Please send lots of will power!!

Cultivate Positivity

This is very similar to looking for the positives and tuning out that negative voice, but I think it goes one step further than this. It’s about thinking “yes, I can do this”, “I am good at this” and focussing on how to get where you want to be, rather than focussing on the obstacles in the way.

In the pursuit of happiness I will put this into action by focussing on all the things I can do to achieve happiness, rather than thinking its an insurmountable task and falling at the first hurdle.

Do you have any fail safe happiness techniques that you put into action when you’re feeling blue? I’d love to hear them.



  1. June 16, 2016 / 5:42 pm

    Oh lovely iv been a right grump the last few months! I’m usually so positive but I have been reading struggling lately. I feel a little break from the routine of every day life helps – we recently had a weekend away with our girls and it definitely helped – just a little change of scenery no where exotic but it helped.

    I hope we both feel a little perkier soon! X

  2. June 20, 2016 / 2:46 am

    I totally agree… Sometimes it’s quite difficult to accept your own happiness.
    A long hard mental struggle with yourself !

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