The Inbetweeners: Transitional Must-Haves

The Inbetweeners: Transitional Must-Haves

The days are shorter, it’s a bit grey out, but it’s still not quite cool enough for hats and scarves. It’s that in-between time, when it’s easy to be caught out feeling the chill, or to even get sweat on (fit) when rushing about on the school run. Though these may just be stress sweats and have absolutely nothing to do with the actual temperature outside. Can’t say I’ve missed the school runs, they are a bit like daily torture in our house, largely because we’d all much rather be in bed.

Anyways… the truly best thing about Autumn creeping up on us, is the change in clothes. Although I do love a summer dress, I am happiest in cosy jumpers, warm coats and billowy scarves, I love to feel cosy!

So, although I am going to try to be really good this year and not buy too much (we have a kitchen screaming at us that it’s time to save some pennies), I will need a few new things. But, I’m going to mix things up with my existing wardrobe to help make my money go further, whilst also providing a solution to these inbetween-y, not sure what to wear, indecisive weather days.

Floral Midi Dress + Leather

I’m a big fan of this floral Toyshop midi dress! It would look great paired with one of my leather jackets and some Stan Smiths for autumn, and with some tights and boots when the weather gets cooler still. I wore my last pair of Stan Smiths to death and am really tempted to repurchase. I certainly got my monies worth out of the last pair and they are perfect for the school run.

I may have to be quick to get this dress though, it has already sold out in a couple of sizes!

Peg Leg Trousers + T-Shirt

I work from home, so there isn’t actually any need for me to dress smartly on a day to day basis, but sometimes I do like to have a change from jeans, and peg leg trousers are great for this.

I have the bodysuit photographed with these trousers and I love it, I also have this slogan tee, that would look great tucked into these tie waist trousers. You could wear this outfit with ankle boots or loafers, but a pair of converse trainers are my favourite for this look.

I would roll up the hem on the trousers (I’m a shortie) and the sleeves of the t-shirt too.

Cashmere With Everything

I love jumpers, they are probably my most favourite item and clothing, and it’s not hard to see why. What other item of clothing feels like you are wearing a cuddle? The only thing I hate about jumpers, is that they seem to lose their shape and bobble really easily, meaning that they begin to look tatty after just a few wears.

The answer? Well, it ain’t cheap, but I haven’t found any jumpers to wear as well as cashmere. Plus, it looks lovely, is super warm and goes with everything. When you think of how much wear you get from jumpers and the fact that they go with pretty much everything, I do think you can justify paying the higher price for cashmere.

This jumper from H&M and at £59.99 it is actually very reasonably priced for cashmere. It comes in a few colours, including a really nice grey. I bought a cashmere jumper from H&M last year and it’s still going strong. I like to wear mine with jeans or a leather skirt and ankle boots (or even my Swedish Hasbeens on a warmer day).

So these are a few of the things I plan to wear this Autumn. Now that I am gradually coming to terms with the fact that the summer holidays are over and winter is coming, I’m looking forward to cosy evenings in front of the tv and am also wondering when it’s acceptable to crack open a bottle of Baileys. I mean September is so nearly Christmas, right?!



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