Autumn Winter Boots

Autumn Winter Boots

Are you a shoe or a handbag person? I’m definitely more of the latter.

Having said that, I have found myself becoming more interested in shoes. I think this has sprung from my new found love of Swedish Hasbeen shoes. I bought my first pair of Swedish Hasbeens this year, a pretty white pair of t-bar clogs, that I have worn to death since. With this discovery, I learned that shoes come in colours, other than black and that they can take a pretty standard outfit from boring to fun.

The problem? Well, it’s a fairly standard one for me, is that it has made me want to expand my shoe collection. Particularly my ankle boots. Who doesn’t love an ankle boot? They go with practically everything and are also by far the most comfortable way to wear a heel. Yep, now I’m in my thirties, comfort has become kind of a big deal.

So if you are looking for some footwear to brighten up your usual collection, then you are in the right place. Here are some of the beauties I have my eye on at the moment.

Which pair gets your vote? I know which pair I’m hankering after the most!


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