Interiors Ideas for A Tween Girl’s Bedroom

Interiors Ideas for A Tween Girl’s Bedroom

I must be getting old, because the most excitement I have seen so far this month, is the sight of our decorator pulling onto the drive this morning. That’s right, the highlight of my month will be paying someone else to do our decorating, meaning we should have decorated Charlie’s room, from start to finish, within a month. Given that the last bedroom we decided to renovate took 2.5 years to finish, this is something to get very excited about.

Having been bunked in with her younger brother, Noah, for the last couple of months, Charlie is just as excited about this news. Charlie will turn 8 in February, meaning that she will have officially entered the tween zone, though given flashes of preteen mood swings we have already seen, you would be forgiven for thinking we were already there. As Charlie grows up, she is beginning to refine her own sense of style and would now like to have more of a say in the decor of her room, than she has in years gone by.

The upshot of Charlie taking charge of her bedroom decor, is that she has chosen to have pink sparkly paint on the back wall of her bedroom. I am hoping that this turns out to be more of a subtle shimmer, than Christmas bauble look, time will tell. She has had to compromise on the shade of pink, I vetoed bubble gum pink in favour of a pink ballet slipper shade, with a subtle hint of grey. There are certain ideas she has that I can’t help but reign in a little, let to her own devices, I fear the room would end up looking like Barbie’s dream boudoir, or something similar.

The thing with deciding on decor, or indeed clothes or birthday presents, or anything at all for tweens, is that they are kind of stuck between being still very little and a lot more grown up. Charlie is still very into all things pink, her barbies and toys, and yet she is also on the edge of becoming interested in boy bands, clothes and make-up. She would also sit using her iPod all day long, if I didn’t intervene. When thinking about how to decorate her room, I need to think about not only what she likes now, but what she’ll likely not like very soon. If you know what I mean?

I think the safest option will be to go for a more grown up feel on the bigger things, like blinds, paints and furniture and nod to her still being a little girl with things like bedding and toys. That way we will only need to swap out the smaller and more importantly, cheaper, things when she grows out of them.

As sit here typing right now, I can here the decorator in the room above, scraping at the old floral wallpaper. Slowly bringing our ever so dated front bedroom into this decade, rather than one from maybe 20 years or more ago. Seriously. Our home is THAT dated in places. I am beginning to think about how we would like the bedroom to look when it is finished, so I thought I would share some of the ideas I have been  thinking about for a tween bedroom here.


Create a Feature Wall

We will be creating a feature wall on the back wall of Charlie’s bedroom, using a pink paint, with a subtle (hopefully) glitter, to complement the other three walls of the room, which will be painted in an off white/grey colour.

If you are looking for ideas for your tween's bedroom make-over, then you may like to try this pink ombre effect wall.

If glitter isn’t your thing, I am hoping it turns out to be mine, then you could try all sorts of other methods for creating a feature wall in your tween’s bedroom. Perhaps a wallpaper, or you could even try ombre. I love how effective this looks in the image below! I’m sure that if Charlie had seen this image, we would have had a pink ombre shimmer wall on her list of requirements.


Offset Twee Pink With Shades of Grey

While I realise that not every young girl’s favourite colour is pink, I don’t think I am a million miles from the mark when I say that for many, it is. Charlie sits firmly in the my one and only favourite colour is pink camp. If she had her way, I am certain that everything in her room would be pink. Pink walls, pink bedding, pink furniture, carpet, you name it, she’d want it in pink.

I happen to like a bit of pink myself, more so in the last year, given that it has been the Pantone of the year, it’s been hard to escape. That said, I prefer subtle hints here and there. Wall to wall pink would never be my thing. This is where grey comes in, that go with everything, toning shade. I plan to use a good amount of pink in Charlie’s room, but I will be offsetting it with shades of gold and grey. I think these three colours go together brilliantly.

If your unsure, take a look below.

Create a Tween Workspace

It’s a sad fact of life, that the older our children get, the more homework they will bring home with them. Charlie was always super keen to complete the first sets of homework she was given in her earliest years at school, but I have noticed that her interest has begun to wain and you could hardly blame her.

I would love to make the whole rigmarole of getting her homework done on time more appealing, by making a lovely little corner of her room to work from. Her own tween workspace, if you will. I would like to get Charlie some fun and inspiring prints to go above her desk, alongside Polaroids of her and her friends, stuck to the wall with washi tape.

Ransack Primark & H&M Home

If you are looking for fun and on trend accessories, at a budget friendly price, then you cannot go wrong with H&M and Primark’s home departments. They are seriously good and affordable. Primark have some beautiful patterned bedding sets, most recently I was crushing over their bright paisley sets and they make some great scatter cushions too. I will 100% be stocking up on these for Charlie’s room, to go alongside these super cute lights (pictured above), that I have already picked up.

H&M is the place to go for accessories, like little trinket boxes and trays. I will be getting a few of these for Charlie to store her hair clips and accessories in. If you would like to see a few from H&M’s selection, then you can view them on my recent home haul video.

Make Things Easy to Keep Tidy

My almost tween is by far and away the messiest person in the house. Charlie does not do tidy. This is why I will be making sure everything has its place, with lots of storage and keeping clutter to a minimum. Having said that, this may not be enough to keep Charlie’s mess under control. She struggles with even minor tasks, such as closing a drawer after opening it.

In addition to more storage, I want to make simple tasks, like opening the curtains each morning simpler. Charlie’s bedroom has a huge bay window and personally I am not keen on curtains around a bay, I think they can look messy. I have thought about putting blinds in, but unless we went for something like Luxaflex’s battery operated ones, then we would have to opt for ones with fiddly strings and I can see Charlie would struggle to open these. Ideally, I would love to have shutters fitted as the maintenance is low and they would suit the style of window much better than curtains.

Inspire With Uplifting Prints

So what if they’re a little bit cheesy? There’s nothing wrong with an uplifting quote, especially when they have the potential to be inspiring. I quite like the idea of having a couple dotted around her room. What do you think of these?

I will keep you updated with how the renovations go and will post a room tour once it is finished. Literally cannot wait!!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



  1. November 13, 2016 / 5:36 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this and. Your thought process in choosing things for your daughter’s room. Some lovely ideas, too. I look forward to the finished bedroom! #HOMEETC

  2. November 14, 2016 / 9:22 pm

    I think I’m a Tween. I’m incapable of closing drawers and cupboard doors!!! LOL!!! It was really interesting reading this!! My goddaughter is 10 in a couple of weeks — nice to get an insight into her psyche!! Love the ombre wall too BTW — I’d definitely do that, if I were you!! 🙂 #HomeEtc

  3. November 21, 2016 / 10:45 pm

    Some fabulous ideas here and I imagine Charlie will be very pleased with the finished result. My tween has pink, black and white. The room looks so nice but she’s a bit of a keeper so no clear surfaces to swoon over for me. Like those prints too. The girls of their age really love them! #HomeETc

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