Ideas to Help You Make the Most of an Attic Bedroom

Ideas to Help You Make the Most of an Attic Bedroom

People often think that attic rooms are cramped or dark, but this really isn’t the case. We recently moved up into the attic bedroom of our house and it is airy and bright, though it didn’t always feel this way. This is why I thought is might be helpful for me to share our attic room decor ideas.

Create Storage Under Eaves

Fit VELUX Windows

I would recommend fitting a VELUX window if you are concerned about the amount of natural light in your attic. Adding an additional VELUX window to our attic room made a huge difference to the amount of light pouring in.
I would also recommend shopping around for your VELUX blinds. We considered purchasing them direct from VELUX, but found much cheaper alternatives by shopping around. We are more than satisfied with the ones we received and paid a third of the price.

Consider Opening Up the Landing & Staircase

When we were renovating our attic space, we took down a wall that separated the bedroom from the stairs and landing. Not only did this increase the size of our bedroom, but it also added a nice character feature to the room, by bringing the banister into the room.

One thing to note is that if you do this, you will need to add a fire door at the bottom of the stairs, so just make sure your home’s layout is suitable before you decide to knock any walls down.

Use Light Reflecting Colours

If you are concerned about the amount of light coming into the space and are not in a position to add VELUX windows, then make the best of what you have buy using light reflecting colours throughout. Lighter shades will help to bounce light around the room and you could go one step further by adding mirrors. Pay attention to where you hang your mirrors to take greatest advantage of reflecting light from windows around the room.

Consider Spotlights

Attic conversion ideas spotlights

Spotlights aren’t necessarily my favourite form of lighting, but I think they do work really well in attic spaces. I find that hanging pendant lights can make the ceiling feel lower than spotlights do and spotlights are great for giving a crisp clear light, helping to make the space feel both airy and bright.

We chose spotlights with a white finish, so that they almost completely blend into the ceiling.

Paint in One Colour All Over

We chose a light green/grey colour to paint our attic room in and decided to use the colour over the ceiling, as well as the wall. This is a really effective way of drawing attention away from a restricted ceiling height, because the slope is not demarcated by a contrast between a change in paint colour. It also creates a modern, fresh finish.

Use Low Furnishings

Low furniture - attic room decor ideas

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.


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