A Baby Jogger City Tour Pushchair Review

A Baby Jogger City Tour Pushchair Review

In the early years of a child’s life, a pushchair is one of the biggest outlays a parent makes. We bought our very first pushchair before our daughter, Charlie, was even born. We spent a lot of time debating our choices, and settled on one that seemed very expensive at the time. In fact, I would still think it expensive now.

Were we pleased with it?

Erm, sadly, no.

Fast forward to baby number three and we decided to upgrade to a Joolz Day Earth. Oh. My. God. How I love that pushchair! The only downside? Well, it takes up literally my entire boot.

This is why I jumped on the chance to try out the compact Baby Jogger City Tour pushchair. This lightweight pushchair weighs just 14lbs and folds down so small, that it fits in inflight overhead luggage compartments. It even comes with its own storage backpack to make travelling even easier.

For us, the ability to carry the pushchair on our back and onto a plane, is a huge selling point. Each year, for the last 4 years, we have travelled to my parents’ holiday home in Spain and the bugbear we have had when doing so, is taking the pushchair.

When travelling through airports with a pushchair, you have two options. You can either check it in when you arrive, or keep it with you until boarding. In the first year of travelling with Elodie, she was just a baby, so decide to keep the pushchair with us until boarding. We then discovered that this meant dragging our three children, bags and collapsed pushchair (in two separate parts!) down a huge flight of stairs to the plane. Erm … that was fun.

Having arrived at our destination, we then had to wait for the pushchair to come through oversized luggage, only to discover it had been quite badly damaged. Though, thankfully, only aesthetically. What a god send a City Tour Stroller would have been to us then!

So, now I have explained why I was so keen to try out the City Tour pushchair, let me go on tell you about it’s specifications and what I thought about it.



Baby Jogger City Tour Pushchair Specifications

  • Suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years
  • Weighs 14lbs
  • Uses patented Quick Fold Technology
  • Fits neatly into a backpack-style carry bag
  • Spacious multi-position seat unit with five point padded harness straps
  • Features a large four panel extendable SPF 50+ sun canopy

This pushchair is seriously compact. To the point that when a teeny tiny box arrived as my door, I thought I was either going to have to build it from scratch, or it was in fact made for elves. In reality, the pushchair was one of the easiest assembly jobs I’ve ever had. You slide it out of the box and pop in the wheels. They simply snap into place.

For the size of the pushchair, it is surprisingly good quality. Many of the smaller pushchairs I have tried in the past, have always felt quite flimsy or as though the frame might bend with ease. The City Stroller is none of these things. It is extremely lightweight, but also feels very sturdy.

Aesthetically, it is quite pleasing. You can’t expect bells and whistles from something compact enough to wear on your back, but it is well made. I like the black frame, it doesn’t look at all cheap, like the frames on some smaller pushchairs can. The straps are easy to adjust and the clasp easy to fasten and unfasten.

The hood is a really good size and offers UV protection, which is great for shielding your child’s face on a sunny day. Though it does completely obliterate their view. Having said that, I much prefer having this option to having to purchase additional sunshades.

The folding mechanism is so smooth and easy to use. This is something that Joolz could certainly take note of, as their pushchair is much harder to collapse.

The pushchair is very lightweight to push, it takes far less effort to move in a straight line, than my Joolz pushchair, but it does not have the same steering capabilities. To take sharp turns, I do have to tip the stroller onto it’s back wheels slightly. I imagine this is because the wheels on this pushchair are quite small, but as you can probably tell, I feel that this pushchair’s strength is in its lightweight and ease of travel. So this is a shortcoming I’m more than willing to overlook.

The handle bar is set at the right height for me, I am 5’6′, but it may be a little low for anyone taller and cannot be adjusted. My husband did look a little awkward pushing it along, but then he hardly ever uses it, so for me, this is not an issue. Also, see my point above. The selling point for this pushchair, is that it’s compact.



For me, this stroller is the perfect second pushchair and very suited to my child’s current stage (age 2), where she is doing a mixture of walking and being pushed around. Though I love my old pushchair, we are at the stage where it’s quite bulky for our requirements and I would love more space in my boot. The Baby Jogger City Tour Stoller, fits my current requirements perfectly and I am really pleased with it.

If you are the kind of family who need to take your pushchair abroad, or are constantly hopping in and out of a car, then this is the perfect stroller for you. I also think it would be perfect for grandparents, who often want something that wont take up space and is super light to carry around. This pushchair would also be ideal for families living in big cities, popping on and off public transport.

If you’d like to know more, I have put together a little video outlining the pushchairs key features, including how easy it is to fold!

To find out more, go to Baby Jogger’s site.

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post, but I only write honest and balanced reviews. As always, all thoughts and feelings are my own.



  1. December 4, 2016 / 8:13 pm

    It’s great to hear that it comes with minimal assembly required (always a bonus) and that it is easy and compact to fold

  2. December 5, 2016 / 1:29 pm

    We loved ours too. I can’t wait to take it abroad. We’re forever having to check in our old one and I’m always terrified it’s going to come out a bit battered. I should book a holiday…to test it out 🙂

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