The World’s Gone Cacti Crazy

The World’s Gone Cacti Crazy

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate cacti in all their glory, shall we?

Over the last year or two, the popularity of cacti and succulents has boomed. If I am honest, I didn’t expect the trend to last this long, but then the glory of a cactus is that they are mighty hard (though I can pay testament to not impossible) to kill. So in many ways, cacti love is an undying trend.

Cacti interiors trend

I have not been immune to the cacti/succulent trend, quite the opposite. You will find lots of the prickly little fellas dotted around my home and I am constantly adding to the collection. Though my love for plants is not limited to cacti, I would happily turn my home into a little forest if I had my way, but sadly, my husband does get some say in what goes on around the house and I’m not sure he’d be on board with an Amazon themed interior scheme. How inconvenient.

As I mentioned in my 2017 Interior Trends post, green is the most on trend colour this year. It is a fresh and calming shade, but I’ll be honest, it’s probably not a colour that I am about to go slapping on my walls. It’s just a bit full on for my tastes, particularly deeper shades of green. This is where I think plants will really come into their own this year. They are the perfect way of incorporating a little of the colour of the year into our homes, without going overboard.

Home office interior decor inspiration with Laura Ashley

With their growing popularity, cacti have become even easier to lay your hands on. You’ll find lots of teeny tiny cute succulent pots in places like Ikea and even poundland, which is where I picked up the cute little fellas found on my desk. I have also seen some lovely ones in Lidl (props to the willpower I have shown by not buying any) and when we visited a garden centre over Christmas, I came across the finest giant specimens I’ve ever seen, but priced at £80+, they’re not for every home. They would however make an amazing gift for anyone who loves them as much as I do!

So in the spirit of celebrating this hard as nails plant, I thought I would put together a little gallery celebrating instances when the cacti game was strong.

Have you been as sucked into the whole cacti/succulent trend as I have? Perhaps we should start a support group …



  1. January 25, 2017 / 5:50 pm

    Love succulents but cacti with prickles of any kind scare me! I remember being about 8 and falling over, I reached out for something to correct my balance and grabbed my mum’s cactus plant….. it took a long time with a pair of tweezers to fix! They are gorgeous plants though and I totally get the trend lol

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