The Weekly Round-Up

The Weekly Round-Up

Why Hello again! How the devil are we?

It’s that same old cliché, but maybe it’s a cliché because it’s so damn true to life, but I feel like I closed my eyes on Sunday and woke up on Friday. To some that may feel like a gift from the Gods, but when I look at how fast my children are growing up/how fast wrinkles are beginning to work their way round my face, I would like time to slow the [insert word of choice] down.

As always, I find myself bemoaning that lack of organisation that has plagued my week, though it should be noted that everyone went to school with the correct forest school and swimming kit this week. You’ve got to recognise the small victories and all that. I think I have come to a point in my life where I should either accept that I am not an organised person and that I will always be one step behind on most things, or recognise that life it too damn busy for me to remember everything all of the time. I just haven’t worked out which is a lie, maybe neither.

Anyways on with the things that have been lighting up my week.

Can’t get Enough

90s Music – God bless Apple Music for cheering up these grey days with a blast from the past. I have been listening to Blur, Bjork, Pulp and Supergrass this week and it puts me in a right good mood.

Flourless banana pancakes – OK, so I’ll be the first to admit they don’t sound amazing and I can tell you, they don’t look amazing either. However, when you are trying to diet and lose weight, they are a game changer. I really struggle with breakfast choices because I am just not a cereal fan. Bits of dry biscuit floating around in a bath of milk just doesn’t do it for me. I am a hot, buttered toast girl all the way. So…. what to eat when you’re trying to lose that spare tyre? Banana pancakes topped with fruit. Dead easy, dead filling. Bosh.

Jumpers – Now I debated whether to put these in my ‘so over’ category, just because I feel like I have been dressing like a bit of a frump recently. I need to be surgically removed from my jumpers. I’m so attached to them that I even wrote a whole post about them last week. It’s becoming an issue (first world problem right there) and I need to become reacquainted with the rest of wardrobe fast, otherwise Chris will be right when he complains that I have wardrobes (yes, plural) full of clothes I never wear.

Cacti and succulents

Houseplants – So, although I may have this thing for plants, they certainly don’t like me. I can tell because they immediately commit suicide upon entry to my home, but does that stop me bringing home more? No sir. I have found that cacti are more resilient to my neglect, so I have quite a few of these child-friendly (erm) plants now. You can find a cheeky little link to my recent post about cacti love here, which is basically just a gallery of cacti porn.

Zara – If you are in the market for a wardrobe update, then I don’t think there is anywhere better to look right now. I have seen so many things that I would love to have in my wardrobe right now! Here are a few of my favourite bits …

Zara spring summer 2017 top picks

1 Embroidered Blouse / 2. Cashmere Sweater / 3. Batwing Top / 4. Fringed Sleeve Sweatshirt / 5. Kimono Sleeve Top


So Over

Midnight wake up calls – Elodie has started waking up in the night and it is just not cool. I thought we were past that phase now. We’ve done the sleepless baby soothing nights and I don’t think I have the resolve to face them again.

The winter – Do one, yeah? Christmas is gone, you’re not welcome here anymore. Please send sunshine.

Broken stuff – I realise this is quite an all encompassing statement, but do you ever get annoyed by how many workarounds make up your daily life?

Here’s an insight into mine. Our tin opener doesn’t work, so instead of sweeping the tin opener around the outside of the tin, I have to punch, punch, punch it along. The ignition bit on our oven doesn’t work, so every time I turn the oven on, I practically have to lie on the floor and contort my arm around the oven trays to light it with this plastic gas thing, that always gets stuck on the locked setting. Then there’s our washing machine, for some reason you have to press the button and open and shut the door about 20 times before it decides to work. Oh and then there’s the microwave that only heats when you turn the dial at a very specific slow speed. I could go on, but I’m sure you get my drift.

Why can’t things just work?

Getting hacked – I can’t remember whether I have mentioned this on here before now, but my site was hacked over Christmas. It was not fun. I had an email from google late one evening and then I was awake until the small hours trying to put it right. Making my site secure has become a priority for me now. I have installed Wordfence, which is both a blessing and a curse, because it shows you how many attempts are made at attacking your site. It can make me feel a bit uneasy, but it’s there, doing it’s job of keeping the hackers out.

The amount of online fraud out there these days is scary, if you’re worried about keeping your personal data secure online, then you may find this Data Label article helpful.


*Disclosure – this post contains collaborative content, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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