Valentines Gift Ideas for Him & Her & a Floral Giveaway

Valentines Gift Ideas for Him & Her & a Floral Giveaway

Have you ever wondered where Valentines came from?

Well, I have, so I decided to look it up.

As we all know, Valentines is the day where people around the world show their love for another person, by sending cards, flowers, gifts and other tokens of their love. Story has it that the day was named after a famous saint, but we don’t really know for certain who he was. Some people believe he was a priest from Rome, who broke the law by marrying couples in secret. When he was thrown in jail and sentenced to death, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and sent her a card declaring his love and signed it “from your Valentine”.

Thus, Valentines was born.

People seem to be quite torn about Valentines Day. Some loathe it, others go all out and shower their loved ones with gifts and surprises. I’m somewhere on the fence with this one. I think it is lovely to show someone you love them, but I don’t like the pressure it puts on people to come up with the goods. YOU WILL SHOW ME YOU LOVE ME sits a bit uneasy with me. I mean, where’s the romance in that?

That said, I think most people would love to receive a little token of affection on Valentines, so I have put together a little selection of Valentines gift ideas for him and her.

Valentines gift ideas


Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne / Kitchenmaid Mixer /Beard Grooming Kit / Heart Chocolates / Potted Succulent

If you would like to treat the one you love, then you may like to enter my giveaway with Blossoming Gifts. We’re giving entrants of this giveaway the chance to win a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Valentines. Entries close on Valentines Day.

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    Interesting history of valentine’s day, thank you.

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