Interiors: Grey Dining Room Inspiration

Interiors: Grey Dining Room Inspiration

I love food. In truth I probably this trait with around 99% of the world’s population, but let me just say that loving food does not make me a foodie. I don’t talk about food in the same way that Lloyd Grossman talks about wine and I have no desire to bore on about the provenance of the food on my plate. I just like to make and eat food.

If you read my blog with any regularity, you’ll know that we are fixing up our home. It’s a long way from finished, but we have made lots of changes during our 5 years living here. The reception rooms and bedrooms have been decorates, but the kitchen is the room to have seen to fewest changes. I have painted the drab brown tiles white and given the cupboards a lick of grey paint, but let’s be clear, it’s not enough to fool anyone into thinking that the kitchen has benefited from any sort of ‘makeover’. It is still a very sad and sorry room, not helped by the fact that it occupies a minuscule 5 x 9 ft space. We need to knock down 3 walls and a chimney to make it a functional size, but haven’t the money to do it just yet.

Next to the kitchen we have a breakfast room/dining area, yet another delight to behold. This room, though larger in size, shares the same beige cracked floor tiles and grim decor as the kitchen. It is also blessed with a peeling art ceiling and a large albeit broken window. Alongside these glaring aesthetic imperfections, after removing its giant retro boiler, it is now freezing cold.

The problem I am getting at, is that I love food, but our kitchen and dining set up is not equipped to service this enjoyment. The other issue is that nor is our bank balance equipped to give our kitchen the renovation it needs. This means that after five years of digging my heels in, it might be time to convert our second reception room into a dining space. I dug my heels in for so long because I think some small part of me thought that giving in would delay work to the kitchen (erm, no, still the bank balance responsible for that one). Another thing that put me off, is that it’s just not as convenient to use a room further away from the kitchen. The lazy and also clumsy part of me doesn’t like the idea of lugging food through the hall.

Now I have got my head around switching the rooms up, I have been daydreaming about long lazy weekend brunches and takeaways with friends. How nice it would be to eat in a room that’s warm, where the floor isn’t a health hazard and you’re not in danger of the ceiling caving in with a shower of crumbling artex. Sounds like bliss to me.

We’re already working on a project to redecorate the room with Dulux and have an idea of the colours we’d like to use. For the wall around the fireplace, I would like a very dark grey, darker than the shade we already have and a neutral colour on the other three walls. I would also like to change our silver mirror for a gold one and to add gold candle sticks either side of the mantel. Chris and I love mixing old with new and would love a rustic, reclaimed wood dining table with modern chairs.

How the Room Currently Looks

I used to love the way this room looked, but gradually it’s become less and less used and is often a dumping ground for things without a home.

Interior Inspiration

This is more like it. Here’s a taste of the interiors I would like to draw inspiration from. I am not sure our dining room is large enough to carry off a light fitting as dramatic as the one on the bottom right, but I do love it!

The Wish List

1 Maison Du Monde Mango Wood Dining Table / 2. H&M Tall Candlestick / 3. H&M Large Candlestick / 4. Cult Furniture Dining Chairs / 5. H&M Stackable Tea Light Holders / 6. M&S Geometric Mirror 7. Large Metal Candle holder

Do you have any ideas that you think make a dining room great?



  1. February 20, 2017 / 1:26 pm

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the room Kerry. Sometimes a change can really be invigorating and make you enjoy the space even more! Better to crack on and do this now if there’s no realistic prospect of doing the kitchen soon, and you’ll really be able to enjoy eating and entertaining in your home x

  2. February 21, 2017 / 12:03 pm

    My dinning room is on my to do list. I’m loving grey too but realised every room I’ve tackled so far apart from the bathroom has grey in it! Look forward to seeing what you do

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