Home Styling Ideas From Instagram

Home Styling Ideas From Instagram

My home currently looks like storm Doris took a tour of each floor. Thanks half-term. I will always feel jealous and woefully domestically challenged when I compare my home to those on Instagram. Try as I might, I never seem to be able to rid ourselves of clutter, and so we live amid a sea of plastic.

There is a saying that goes ‘comparison is the death of joy’ and though I recognise the merits of this statement, I also think it only conveys one way of thinking. This way of thinking is predisposed to a negative mindset. I may get a pang of jealousy when I see someone’s seemingly perfect home or life. That’s a natural human instinct after all, but it is not the only possible reaction to seeing a beautiful image. What about the whole raft of positive emotions that are felt when setting eyes upon a beautifully dressed fireplace, or a family photo taken at a moment of happiness? What about feeling inspired or joyful?

Recently, I have observed Instagram come under fire for only presenting the ‘perfect’ side to life. Yes, Instagram usually presents a snapshot of the better moments, but have you seen the accounts that don’t?  I’m hazarding a guess that you’ve no desire to follow the latter at all. If it’s not pretty or it’s not funny, why look at it? There has to be something to motivate you to follow and derive an enjoyment from an account, or what’s the point?

There are a few simple reasons why I love scrolling through my Instagram feed. Firstly, I like to keep up with what my friends are doing, though my non-blogging friends rarely post there. Secondly, to feel inspired by beautiful accounts. Thirdly, to keep up with the Instagrammers I love to people watch. For me, Instagram is a form of entertainment.

I seem to have gone off on a tangent here because I had only intended for this post to be about pretty interiors, but I felt it was something I wanted to say. Getting back on topic, here are a selection of images from Instagram that I find inspiring. I love taking inspiration from images like these when decorating our home.

The Plant Stand of Dreams

Plants are big news in interiors right now. Basically, if the inside of your house looks like a rainforest, you’re very much on trend. However, once you have bought a garden centre’s worth of plants you then need to find somewhere to put them. Enter Cara Sutherland’s Homesense plant stand. Want.


Flowers Hide a Multitude of Sins

Capture by Lucy has a rather beautiful Instagram feed, in which beautiful flowers and her stunning country home feature heavily. According to Lucy, flowers in the home detract eyes from dust, this is all I need to know.


Classics are Classic

I am a huge fan of incorporating traditional style into modern day decor. There’s something about a traditional finish that makes a design scheme appear expensive and well put together. Take Emma’s traditional radiators for instance. This image would not be the same with a bog standard modern radiator.


Chunky Knits are Everything

I don’t think there is any area of the home that a beautiful knit like this wouldn’t improve on. Introducing you to, the blanket of dreams.


Embrace Your Dark Side

Change is afoot. Gone are the days of scrolling through super white, after super white image on Instagram. People are showing their darker side and I like it.

Find Beauty in Simplicity

It’s easy to become caught in a trap where you feel like you need the best of everything, but beauty can be found in the simple things. Take this image. What do you see? A plant in the wrong sized pot? Or peace and tranquility. You don’t need the newest or shiniest of things to have a beautiful home, beauty can found in the most mundane of things.


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  1. February 24, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    Lovely post, Kerry, and some nice accounts I’m away to explore now! Like you, I love Instagram. It’s a shame it’s coming in for a hard time x

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