If Money Were no Object: Dream Dining Chairs

If Money Were no Object: Dream Dining Chairs

Last week, I wrote about our plans to turn our second reception room into a dining room and just last night I took to eBay to find a dining room table. I found a lovely vintage science lab table, that much to my surprise (we rarely agree on furniture choices), Chris loved it too. I am so pleased, the table has quite a rustic finish with a chunky plank table top, which is completely up my street. All we need to think about now are some dining chairs to go with it.

The chairs you choose for your dining table are more important than the table itself, in my opinion. It’s easy to make a statement with your choice of dining chair, be it eclectic, modern or sleek. There are so many chair styles I would love to see in this space. I am a huge fan of the ever popular Eames style chairs. I’ve also seen some cool mesh chairs. I love bistro style chairs, industrial stools and mix & match vintage. In fact, my dream scenario would be to have different sets of chairs to swap in and out as the mood takes me, but that’s obviously not a practical solution.

One thing I have learned the hard way, is that upholstered chairs are not suitable for our family. In our home, there are too many mucky hands to accommodate less forgiving materials. I need something that can withstand the cement like properties of wheatabix, followed by a scouring with bleach. The need for something durable sways me towards industrial finishes, but as our table is vintage, I think something modern could look really good against the rustic finish of aged wood.

Another thing to consider is whether to opt for matching dining chairs or a mix and match approach. The mix and match look appeals to me because I’m a fan of an eclectic aesthetic. A lot of the furniture you will find in our home has been purchased on auction sites like eBay and I am very fond of the idea of slowly collecting items that have a sense of history about them. When you have small children, this is actually quite handy, they have a habit of breaking things, which means items often need replacing. Could you imagine how annoying this would be if you had a set of matching chairs?

Here are a few of the looks that I think could work well in our new dining room:


Interiors inspiration: Dining chairs


No Expense Spared

I like to take inspiration from higher end retailers when looking for new furniture. Once I’ve had a good look around, I can then look out for similar designs secondhand or from cheaper shops. The drop chairs from Skandium (below) look like something from a super trendy restaurant and I love them. I’m not sure if I love the name or the design of the The Hot Mesh chairs from Heals more, but they’re pretty cool too.

The reality is that I will be looking for chairs that are a little kinder on the wallet than these, but a girl can dream.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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