Crafty Bathroom Tips 

Crafty Bathroom Tips 

Across the world, people are buying more craft products. They like the idea of decorating their home using unique items that they know are handmade.

The fact that many of these items are not widely available means that buying crafted homeware and soft furnishings is a good way to personalise you home, and give it a unique look. There are plenty of items available for virtually every room, except perhaps one. For some reason, not many craft designers make items for bathrooms, which is a bit sad, but it gives you the chance to have a bit of fun by making them yourself.

Embroidered towels

If you enjoy embroidery, you could potentially use your skills to create personalised towels for each member of the family. Provided you choose high quality towels, they will last, and look great for years. They also make good presents for friends and relatives. This tutorial explains exactly how to do it.

Get your spray cans out

Taking everyday items and using them for storage in your bathroom is a good way to create interest. For example, a row of jars filled with bath salts and bright soaps can look great. They are also nice sprayed in a colour that is designed to blend in with the rest of your bathroom decor.

When you use everyday items in a damp room like the bathroom, you have to be careful to waterproof them. Doing so will stop them from going mouldy. The trick is to paint the items you want to use first, and then spray them with a waterproof coating.

Make a rug for your bathroom

Handmade rugs look good in the bathroom. If you want to, you can make a rag rug. They look good, but their texture means that they may not dry out completely between showers and baths, which means they can easily become a home for dirt and mould spores. A much better option is to crochet one, the smoother surface is better in a bathroom.

Handmade baskets for storage

If you would like to create somewhere to keep your towels, you could always weave a basket for them. These look great stacked up in a corner, but another idea is to hang them on the wall to create a sort of enclosed shelf. Once you have made a few baskets, and have the technique down you can move onto a bigger project and make a laundry basket.

Make your own bathroom products

Another idea is to create your own shower jellies and bath bombs. You can make them colourful, so they can be put into see through jars and be used as a decorative item as well. They also make good gifts, and provide you keep them in a sealed container in a cool environment they will last for over a year.

Where to find more inspiration

You can get some more fantastic ideas by browsing through They sell some great stuff that is sure to inspire you and, in all likelihood, tempt you to buy a few things rather than make everything yourself.

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