A Classy Looking Home in Six Easy Steps 

A Classy Looking Home in Six Easy Steps 

If you want your home to look a bit special, going for the understated luxury finish is a good option. This look is surprisingly easy to achieve and maintain, especially when you follow the simple tips that we have outlined for you below.


Keep things simple

It is impossible to make a cluttered, over-decorated room look classy. If you try to cram too much stuff, even expensive stuff, into a small space all you end up with is a mess.

There will be just too much going on for the eye to take in. Many of the special little touches you add will simply get lost, and go unnoticed by those you want to impress.

Create a neutral canvas to work with It is especially important to keep your basic decor simple. White laminate flooring combined with walls in a light or pastel shade provides the perfect canvas for you to work with. You can then use whatever furniture and accessories you want to finish off the look of each room.

Use mirrors strategically

Adding items like large mirrors, or classy artwork, to a room are quick and easy ways to add a touch of chic. Mirrors are an especially good feature. They reflect the light, which has the effect of making a room look larger. Mirrors also create the opportunity for you to highlight each room’s best features. If you are clever, you can hang them in a way that picks out these features and reflects them, which means they are far more likely to be noticed.

Good lighting is essential

Lighting can be used to enhance what you have done with your home decor. You can use it to draw the eye, as well as create the ambience you really want.

Buying a nice ornament and up lighting it, does not cost much, but the results are stunning. The eye is naturally drawn to that item, turning what is often a simple painting or statue into to a statement piece, which sets the tone for the room.

Use luxury soft furnishings

Finishing off each room with luxury soft furnishings is a simple and fast way to add a touch of class to a room. Even the most ordinary couch can be transformed using a throw or cushions that are made from luxury fabrics.

Hint at class

How you accessorise your home has a huge impact on the way it feels when you are in it. If you are trying to create a classy look, it is well worth investing in items like a good coffee table art book, and a set of ‘the classics’ for your bookshelf. In the kitchen, little touches like having branded coffee maker on the counter and some classic cookbooks on display can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the room.

You can gain a better understanding of how to accessorise your home and create a classier look, by reading this article.

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.


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