Tips for Creating a Relaxing Home

Tips for Creating a Relaxing Home

For the last 5 years, I have worked from home, which means I spend a lot of time there. Recently, I have realised that my surroundings have an impact on my state of mind. A surprisingly powerful impact, in fact.

Silly little things, like my bedroom being a mess, impacts on the quality of my sleep and chaos in our living space increases my stress levels. It is just such a shame that my family, myself included, are naturally chaotic and messy people.

Recognising that having a tidy and relaxing home makes me happier has been helpful to me, in so far that I now realise it’s something I want to work towards. I now make a concerted effort to keep my bedroom tidy, which only seems to go to pot when family or friends come to visit (typical, right?), and I can honestly say it helps me to get a good nights sleep.

This realisation has also changed the way I decorate our home. Now, I like to give a little thought to how we might use a room, before creating a mood board for inspiration. Whereas, previously, Chris and I would just pick a paint colour and wing it from there.

I realise this approach may sound completely OTT, but when we recently redecorated our dining room using a mood board, I was really pleased with the results. It helped me to bring together pieces of furniture and accessories that fitted my chosen theme and in my opinion, the colours work well together. Ultimately, this has resulted in a relaxing space that we get a lot of use from.

This has spurred me on to thinking about redecorating our main living space. Now that Chris and I mostly spend our evenings in our bedroom, watching Netflix, the living room has become a neglected space. The walls are looking a little tired, despite my best attempts to paint over Elodie’s wall art installations (code for wall doodles) and our sofas could be best described as instruments of torture. So uncomfortable.

When we redecorate our living room, I will be aiming to create a functional and relaxing space. So, in partnership with the designer furniture maker, Camerich, I would like to show you my tips for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Use a Neutral Colour Palette

Camerich Neutral Colour Scheme Palette

A selection of Camerich’s neutral fabrics. Camerich use luxurious fabrics, selected for their comfort and quality.

I find whites and creams very relaxing and love to mix these colours with different woods. Personally, I don’t think opting for a neutral colour palette means you shouldn’t introduce any colour. I like to use neutral colours throughout, but add pops of stronger colour (for example we have a dark grey feature wall in our dining room) here and there. Large plants with dark green leaves can be a great way of introducing some colour, along with cushions, flowers and throws.

Flowers and Plants

Camerich Arc chair - creating a relaxing home using plants

The classic Camerich Arc chair styled with plants, to create a relaxing atmosphere.

There is a huge interiors trend for using both flowers and plants, in particular, in decor. Not only do they look great and add a splash of colour to a relaxing neutral colour scheme, but they are also known to have a calming and healing effect. It’s a like a little bit of magic, but adding a few plants and fresh blooms can have a calming effect.

Cushions and Throws

Camerich Lazytime sofa styled with plenty of cushions, perfect for unwinding on a weekend afternoon.

Camerich Lazytime sofa styled with plenty of cushions, perfect for unwinding on a weekend afternoon.

I am a creature of comfort and for a room to be relaxing to me, it needs to have elements of softness. Cushions are an absolute must, and as I’m one of those people who feel perennially cold, blankets are a must too.


Choose Comfortable Seating

Camerich Lazy Time Plus Sofa

Camerich Lazy Time Plus Sofa.

Never underestimate the importance of picking a comfortable sofa. This may look different for different people. For instance, Chris and I find low seating most comfortable, whereas my parents favour something a little higher.We have learned the importance of comfort the hard way. Our current living room sofa is not at all comfortable, which means its hardly relaxing to spend much time using this space. In fact, it positively puts us off spending time there.

I would definitely recommend working out what you are looking from a sofa before making a purchase. Are you like me and prefer lower seating? Do you prefer fabric to leather (a brave choice for parents)? Would you like to sink into deep seats or sit more upright? Once you have decided what the perfect sofa looks like for you, it is time to start shopping.

My sponsor for this post, Camerich, offer a wide range of quality and stylish sofas made using the highest standards of materials and craftsmanship. Their contemporary designs can be tailored to suit your tastes with their wide range of quality & stylish materials and could be the perfect addition to your relaxing living space. You can find their full range of luxury sofas on their website and their Interior Architecture qualified team members can provide digital scale drawings of sofas or contemporary furniture to your specifications.


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